Spaces Between Teeth & Gums: Why An Examination & Treatment By A Dentist Is Vital

20 March 2015
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Have you noticed that there is a space between your teeth and gums? The problem may be due to a buildup of plaque and tartar beneath your gums, which is possibly due to your having periodontal disease. In this article, learn why it is in your best interest to get your oral health examined and what a dentist may have to do to treat you.

Why Should an Exam Be Done for Spaces Between Teeth & Gums?

Spaces between your teeth and gums can take away from the appeal of your smile, even if your teeth look good. However, the biggest concern about the spaces is the plaque and tartar underneath your gums, which contain a lot of harmful bacteria. You may have periodontal disease, which means your overall health could be at risk if you don't get examined and treated in a timely manner.

A dentist will be able to give you an x-ray to determine if the bacteria under your gums have caused any damage to your jawbones. Your jawbones are the most important aspect of your teeth because it is how they stay in your mouth. Periodontal disease sometimes leads to jawbones getting weak, which causes teeth to become loose or fall out.

Another issue you can experience from leaving gaps between your teeth and gums is bacteria making it into your blood stream. Bacteria can get into the pulp chamber area of your teeth where blood vessels are. You don't want bacteria in your bloodstream because your entire body can suffer from it by becoming inflamed.

What Kind of Treatment Is Needed for Spaces Between Teeth & Gums?

A dentist will have to remove plaque and tartar from under the spaces between your teeth and gums to treat the problem. He or she may also file away any rough areas of tooth enamel under your gums to prevent plaque from sticking, which is done through root planing. Removing plaque and tartar will be done through a procedure called scaling.

If you are suffering from periodontal disease, you will have to be treated with antibiotics. The antibiotics will fight harmful bacteria, get rid of inflamed gums and treat any oral infections that you may have. You can prevent the same problem from reoccurring by brushing after each meal on a daily basis. Using mouthwash is another great way to fight germs. Make a dental appointment with a dentist like DiGregorio Roland Dr so your teeth and gums will look healthier.