Oral-Friendly Treats: Try Chocolate-Covered Bacon Bits

11 May 2015
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Feeding your family a little bacon every now and then is not too bad, especially if you spice up the bacon with a few oral-enhancing ingredients. Consider the following simple recipe the next time you're looking for a bacon-infused treat.

Oral-Enhancing Secrets In Your Bacon Bites

The following ingredients should help keep your entire family's mouth healthy:

A Tooth-Friendly Sweetener

The first ingredient you should pay attention to is the honey. You will be using raw honey for this recipe. Raw honey contains several enzymes that help disturb the natural ability of oral pathogens to reproduce.

Raw honey will also attack and kill the cavity-causing bacteria in your family's mouth with its osmotic nature. The bacteria in your family's mouth will slowly begin to lose moisture when it comes in contact with honey. This loss of moisture will be so great that most of them will dehydrate.

Bitter and Tooth-Friendly Darkness

You will also be using raw chocolate for your chocolate-infused bacon bites. The reason you want to use raw chocolate is because it contains traces of the husk. Most commercial chocolate at the store does not contain the husk and is missing CBH. CBH is an active ingredient in raw chocolate that can fight tooth decay because it is poisonous to oral pathogens.

The Right Kind Of Oil

The recipe will also need a touch of coconut oil. You can purchase raw and unfiltered coconut oil in your local health food store or online. Coconut oil contains several enzymes and fatty acids that break down into bacteria-killing residue.

Remember that these tooth-friendly ingredients are only meant to help you stop oral ailments before they start. Your family's dentist is still your best shot at stopping oral ailments before they cause serious damage. (For more information, you can contact Blundell Dental)

Recipe For Your Chocolate-Infused Bacon Bites

You will need the following:

  • 4 to 5 strips of bacon
  • 60 g of raw cacao powder
  • 60 mL of raw liquefied coconut oil
  • 60 mL of raw honey or to taste
  • 13 g of sea salt or to taste

Steps to make the chocolate:

  1. Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl except for the bacon.
  2. Keep the chocolate melted to dip your bacon bits afterwards.

Making the bacon strips:

  1. Cut up the bacon strips into small 5 cm squares or whatever bite-size you prefer. Keep in mind that bacon tends to shrink when cooked.
  2. Cook the bacon thoroughly. Use your cooking utensil to keep the bacon squares as flat as possible.
  3. Let the bacon squares cool.
  4. Dip them in the chocolate. Place them on a flat plate or baking sheet and put them in the freezer.
  5. Enjoy them in a few hours when the chocolate has hardened.

As you can see, bacon can be tooth-friendly with the right coating.