How To Get Used To New Dentures Fast

2 July 2015
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Getting dentures can be a great thing if you are missing some of your teeth. However, new dentures will take you some time to get used to. They will be irritating at first and certain things can be difficult right after you get them, such as eating. You can get used to your dentures faster and with less irritation by following the advice in this article.

Getting used to having the dentures in

When you begin wearing dentures, your mouth may get irritated. The dentures will constantly rub on areas of your mouth that aren't used to friction. This can cause redness, inflammation and pain. You should take your dentures out to give your mouth a break throughout the day. Each day, you can keep them in for longer until you are used to them. Rinsing with warm salt water can help with the irritation.

Speaking with your new dentures

You may have a hard time talking when you just get your dentures. They will feel like a foreign object in your mouth until you are used to them. You will have words and letters that are more difficult to enunciate than others. You may find that certain words can cause the dentures to want to come out.

When you first get your dentures, you should go through the alphabet and the sounds of each letter to find the ones that give you the most trouble and practice saying them often. You should also read out loud. Biting down firmly before you speak will help secure the dentures in place.  It can take the work of many parts of your mouth to speak with dentures in and this gets much easier with practice.

Eating with your new dentures

When you have new dentures in your mouth, eating will be a new experience.  Chewing will take a bit of practice on your part. Avoid biting directly into foods with your front teeth, this can cause the dentures to dislodge.

Until you are used to the dentures, you want to cut your food into small bites that are easier to chew. When you chew, spread the food evenly on each side of your mouth so the dentures are receiving the same amount of pressure on each side. You will find it easier to eat in the beginning if you stick to softer foods for a while. Foods like steak, tortilla chips and carrots can be a real challenge at first.

Following the advice detailed above will help you get used to your dentures much faster and with less problems along the way.

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