Does A Stroke Mean Changes For Your Partial Dentures?

2 May 2016
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Almost 400,000 Canadians live with some sort of long-term disability caused by stroke. And while it's common to think of stroke victims as having muscle paralysis, memory loss or trouble speaking, a stroke can impact oral health, too. When a patient has a stroke, blood flow to the brain is cut off or dramatically reduced. This can happen from a blood clot or the rupture of an important artery, but the results are the same: reduced brain function. Read More 

You’ve Lost Your Tooth Don’t Lose Your Bone Too

9 February 2016
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When a person loses a tooth, it's not simply a cosmetic issue. Tooth loss introduces a number of problems that can have a negative impact on your overall oral health. One of these problems is bone loss. If you've lost a tooth, make sure you understand what's at stake. Bone Stimulation The bone that supports your teeth, the alveolar bone, requires stimulation to stay healthy. This stimulation is provided simply by having a tooth present. Read More